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          Company's mile stones


          • The company earned “National high-tech enterprise” in 2016.

          • 2015

          • AFT attained “Identification of high-tech products in Guangdong Province” with Collecting fluid and high temperature and long life electrolysis electrode foil for High power density energy - saving double - layer super capacitor in 2015.

          • 2014

          • The SC series(AFT type: 22SC01,30SC01) started the mass production and put on the market in 2014.

          • Developed the coated carbon foil and put into production in 2015.

          • 2013

          • Light foil with electrochemical treatment(SC series) which applies to super capacitors and lithium-ion batteries aluminum foil was Successfully developed in 2013.

          • 2012

          • AFT gained “safety standardization” certification in 2012.

          • 2007

          • AFT produced Low copper cathodic corrosion foil with Chemical Corrosion Technology originally in 2007. It accomplished the R&D of Anodic corrosion foil and add the second production line with output of 60000 ㎡ per month in 1999.

          • More over, AFT acquired the title of “ The best 100 developing small and medium enterprises of Guangdong”

          • 1998

          • The company began to develop low voltage anode corrosion foil tech in 1998, which was the pioneer of chemical cathode foil in mainland China.

          • 1997

          • AFT finished the construction of the factory and went to operation in 1997.

          • 1996

          • AFT ELECTRONIC CO.Ltd.,BOLUO was established in Boxin Road, Boluo County, Guangdong Province( Intercontinental High - Tech Industrial Park) in Nov 1996.

          • 1994

          • Honghua electronics co., LTD Taiwan was founded in 1994, in which we pioneered on cathodic chemical corrosion technology.

          • AFT was awarded with Huizhou intellectual property enterprise.

          • 1984

          • Mr Zhang xianwen founded Shine Top Company Taiwan and started the manufacturing of corrosion foil R&D in 1984.


          Glory history